Phenzym® is a concentrated powder or liquid stonewashing enzyme. Delivers a high contrast effect with low backstaining resulting in high quality garments and easy clean-up after stonewashing. Outstanding performance in low temperature and neutral pH.

Enzymatic denim abrasion works on the principle that cellulases weaken the fibres of cotton yarns, thereby facilitating the abrasion of the indigo dye from the yarn surface. At a certain point, the mechanical action of the jeans rubbing against the washer drum Wall and other jeans is sufficient to finally remove the blue part of the surface. When the surface has been sufficiently abraded, the white interior becomes visible.
To achieve the desired combination of processing and final “look” of the denim, appropriate enzyme must be chosen. Each enzyme will have a unique contrast, shade and hand. The enzyme is formulated with a phosphate free buffer, stabilisers and auxiliaries to optimise performance.