Biopolishing for a softer touch

Biopolishing is a process that modifies the surface of cotton and other cellulosics in the presence of a cellulase enzyme.Biopolishing targets the removal of small fibre ends protruding from the yarn surface, which improves the
smoothness, softness and colour of fabric and garment.

Biopolishing improves the softness and handle of the cotton, but it also gives the garment a slightly abraded look. Some of the dye is removed in the Biopolishing treatment, which takes place in industrial washing machines and lasts
about 30-45 minutes. Fenkim has a wide range of cellulases for Biopolishing with excellent performance, e.g. minimal strength loss and excellent colour retention as well as the desired Biopolishing effect.

PHENCELL ACE is a ready to use liquid cellulase enzyme for biopolishing. Aggressive clean-up and colorpull characteristics so for treatment after the stonewashing process at acid pH conditions. Biopolishing from low to high abrasion levels under low operating temperatures.

PHENCELL NCE is a ready to use neutral liquid cellulase enzyme for biopolishing. Surface defibrillation, depilling, pill prevention and softening on a variety of cotton based fabrics. This unique enzyme gives superior garment cleanup under neutral pH conditions in all types of processing equipment.