Create unique shades with enzymatic bleaching

Phenzym® is a process that can be used to decolorize indigo in denim processing by using an enzyme system containing laccase and mediator. This is a new tool in denim processing that will enable the denim finisher to create a number of new fashions and looks distinctly different from the finish of traditionally bleached denim.


Phenzym® treatment is specific to indigo. Sulphur black remains on the fabric, leaving a grey cast on the garment. This is very different from the bright blue cast resulting from treatment with hypochlorite. This grey cast may or may not be desirable, depending on the dictates of fashion. Phenzym® can therefore be used prior to hypochlorite bleaching, peroxide brightening or tinting to obtain a variety of different finishes. Benefits of this treatment include minimum strength loss and enhanced garment integrity.

This characteristic makes DeniBleach treatment ideal for processing lightweight chambray fabrics and stretch garments, and for creating super-abraded finishes. Phenzym® treatment can also be used in conjunction with other destruct-type finishing processes to maintain garment integrity while achieving extensive colour pull (i.e. after sandblasting or prior to hypochlorite bleaching). Since the enzymatic reaction involved in Phenzym® treatment ceases to be active of its own accord, the extent of decolorization can easily be predetermined and accurately reproduced by selecting the correct dosage and time. The risk of overtreatment with laccase system is significantly lower than with hypochlorite.


Indigo dye fading enzyme in a ready to use dry formulation. This robust enzyme delivers shade adjustment of indigo dyed denim garments without fabric strength loss and normally in one wash cycle. Designed to perform at low temperature without pH adjustment which makes this product superior and unique. Can be combined with Phenzym® stonewashing in a single bath.