Main Application Effects of Amylases

In detergents, amylases facilitate the removal of starch-containing stains such as pasta, potato, sauces and baby food during laundry and automatic dishwashing. Amylases also prevent starch from adhering to fabrics and dishes. Starch tends to act as a glue for particulate soils in wash solutions. Amylases prevent the build-up of starch deposits that can cause dinginess on fabrics and starch films on dishes.

Process conditions:


pH range Temperature range


Phenamyl BL & BG

7 – 11

40 – 100 oC

  • Basic amylase performance
  • Works well on a broad temperature scale

Phenamyl UL & UG

7 – 11

40 – 100 oC

  • More robust with respect to builders than basic amylases
  • The robustness makes it easier to obtain good amylase stability in liquid detergents

Phenamyl DL & DG

7 – 11

40 – 100 oC

  • Improved stability in the presence of bleach compared to normal amylases

“L” refers to “Liquid” and “G” refers to “Granulated” product.