Main Application Effects of Cellulases

Cellulases provide color care, soil removal, and whiteness maintenance benefits during laundering. Cellulases are used to improve the appearance of colored garments by removing fuzz and pills that form on cotton garments. Cellulases are also used to help remove soils entrapped in the fiber and also to inhibit the redeposition of particulate soils such as clay, carbon, and rust leading to better fabric whiteness maintenance.

PHENCELL DCL ( liquid), PHENCELL DCG (granulated)

Phencell DCL & DCG Process Conditions:

pH range

Temperature range Comments
6.5 – 9.5

20 – 70 oC

  • High degree of color clarification
  • Prevents fuzzing and pilling on cotton garments
  • Maintenance of new fabrics and rejuvenation of worn garments