Main Application Effects of Mannanase
Mannanase breaks down complex polysaccharides called mannan. These bind strongly to cellulose fibers in cotton and act as glue towards other soils and redeposition. Two common sources of mannan are guar gum and locust bean gum. These gums are commonly used in many food products (e.g. salad dressing, sauces, ice crème) and cosmetics. Mannanase also helps with whiteness maintenance by preventing these mannans from adhering to the fabric, thus reducing the tendency for particulate soils to bind to the fabric and causing a dingy appearance.

Mannaphen L (liquid) , Mannaphen G (granulated)

Mannaphen L&G process conditions:

pH range

Temperature range

7.5 – 10

20 – 60 oC

  • Stain removal on mannan stains from food and personal care products
  • In depth cleaning by removing glue and hindering soil deposition