Main Application Effects of Lipases

Lipases are used in laundry detergents to remove fat and edible oil stains from fabrics, for example lard, butter, lipstick and sebum.

Fatty soils have a tendency to deposit on fabrics containing polyester. When clean polyester fabrics or cotton/polyester blends are washed together with soiled fabrics, the soil may redeposit on the clean fabric. These deposits attract hydrophobic particulate soils such as carbon black, leading to discolouration of the textile. Lipases can prevent this kind of redeposition.

Lipases are hardly ever used in automatic dishwashing. LIPOPHEN DLL (liquid), LIPOPHEN DLG (granulated)

Lipophen DLL & DLG process conditions:

pH range

Temperature range Comments
7 – 12

20 – 70 oC

  • Removes fatty stains
  • Fat removal inside textile fibers (deep cleaning) prevents reoccurrence of fatty stains
  • Anti redeposition effect supports overall cleaning
  • Low temperatures performance
  • Can substitute surfactants