Phencell enzymes facilitate fabric biopolishing at acid and neutral pH conditions to reduce pilling and create a higher quality surface by removing the fibrils that make fabric surfaces rough or fuzzy. These cellulase enzymes can elevate the performance of lower quality cotton fabrics by producing a cleaner and smoother surface, soft er hand, and improved fabric drape that lasts longer.


Concentrated or ready to use liquid enzyme preparation for biopolishing surface defibrillation, depilling, pill prevention and softening on a variety of cotton based fabrics. This unique enzyme gives superior fabric cleanup under neutral pH conditions in all types of processing equipment. Cleanup under neutral pH allows the possibility to combine biopolishing and dyeing in a single bath process.


Concentrated or ready to use liquid enzyme preparation for biopolishing. Aggressive clean-up and colorpull characteristics so for treatment before the dyeing process at acid pH conditions. Biopolishing from low to high abrasion levels under low operating temperatures.