DISAPHEN SPW CONC is a 100% active mixture of low molecular weight polyesters and other polymeric dispersing and antiredeposition agents.

DISAPHEN SPW CONC exhibits outstanding dye antiredeposition properties in garment wet processing and other washing and scouring systems. Unlike most competitive products,

DISAPHEN SPW CONC works equally well on cotton, polyester, and poly/cotton blends

DISAPHEN SPW CONC is extremely effective as an abrasion enhancement product in providing a high contrast finish without unwanted redeposition commonly associated with industrial stonewashing. As an added benefit, garment physical ratings are in most cases, improved after processing.

DISAPHEN SPW CONC is fully compatible with both alpha amylase and cellulase enzymatic systems.


  • Whiter pockets, cleaner garment
  • Greater overall garment contrast
  • Potential for shorter abrasion cycles
  • Less cleanup needed after processing
  • Improved physical strength of garments after processing
Appearance Brown Solid
Solid 100%
Melting Point 60 oC
Solubility Dispersible in water