Silicon-Based Performance Enhancers and Process Aids for Textiles

Create Functional Fabrics and Intelligent Textiles

With silicon-based performance enhancers, process aids and technical support from Fenkim Consumer Solutions, you can take textile finishing beyond simple coating, lubricating, waterproofing and softening. Create functional fabrics and intelligent textiles. Add unique moisture-management, wrinkle-free, stretch and recovery properties. Deliver comfort, durability and style.

Fabric Finishing

  • Give fabrics a soft aesthetic feel or “hand”
  • Are low yellowing
  • Improve tear strength and durability
  • Add water repellency (hydrophobicity) or improve water absorbency (hydrophilicity), depending on the formulation
  • Improve stretch recovery, wrinkle resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Improve loft recovery

Fabric Coating

  • Give socks, gloves and sportswear high-grip properties
  • UV and water resistance and repellence
  • Breathable water repellency (hydrophobicity)